Player Development Program (PDP)

US Club Soccer’s Player Development Programs (PDP) are additional identification and developmental programs conducted under the id2 Program and centered around clubs and leagues in specific geographic areas where top players from multiple local clubs are identified and invited to periodic training sessions.

Player Development Programs also include an educational component, with U.S. Soccer staff generally on-site to scout players as well as conduct off-the-field lectures, seminars, coaching and other related discussions.

Invitations are based upon scouting within these clubs and leagues and by recommendations from Directors of Coaching.

The first US Club Soccer PDP program was established in Northern California in 2009. Within these “best vs. best” training sessions, players are considered for recommendation into the id2 Program. PDP events will be important locally-based scouting and development programs to identify new players for the id2 Training Camps.

For more information, please visit the PDP Web page on the US Club Soccer website.