US Club Soccer officials experience LaLiga training in Spain

US Club Soccer officials experience LaLiga training in Spain

CHARLESTON, S.C. (Dec. 14, 2015) - Four US Club Soccer officials, including Executive Vice President Christian Lavers, traveled to Madrid last week to gain valuable insight into the operations of LaLiga, the world-renowned Spanish professional league. The extensive training the group experienced will help pave the way for the development of Players First courses, which will feature LaLiga advisors.

Ben Ziemer (NorCal Premier Soccer), Ian Mork (NorCal) and Jay Howell (Richmond Strikers) joined Lavers in Spain. They visited the facilities of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF, Rayo Vallecano and Athletic Club.

During the visits to club facilities, US Club Soccer officials received methodological training and were able to analyze high-level matches among LaLiga teams. The Americans also enjoyed technical, theoretical and practical sessions and were able to undertake traineeships with teams in formative stages at the facilities of Arenas Club de Getxo and Romo Arenas FC.

Welcoming LaLiga officials were: Fernando Sanz, General Manager for Middle East and North Africa and Head of International Projects; Adolfo Bara, Director of Marketing, Sponsorship and Sales; Hugo Blanco, Sports Projects Coordinator; and Ismael Urzaiz, Liga BBVA Ambassador; and Gari Fullaondo, General Manager of Kimet Sport.

"LaLiga is a role model for many international sporting bodies," Sanz said. "It is a pleasure to share the knowledge and experience of our professionals with the U.S. To bring Spanish football to all corners of the world is part of the international strategy of LaLiga."

Now, US Club Soccer will determine the best ways to adapt LaLiga training methodologies for American audiences during Players First courses.

US Club Soccer and LaLiga signed a long-term technical partnership in August during the Players First launch event at Nike World Headquarters. The LaLiga partnership focuses on strategic development and resource support for the club, player and coach development pillars of Players First.

In addition to regional and national seminars, US Club Soccer will be introducing LaLiga to its members through online training, player development opportunities and several coaching activities in Spain. The series will begin in 2016 and details are coming soon.

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