Help support FC America player diagnosed with rare illness

id2 Program Training Camp, Portland, Conn. -
Randall Congreaves (left) and FC America teammate Asyed Sanchez

Just days after taking part in the id2 Program Training Camp in Portland, Conn., FC America defender Randall Congreaves was diagnosed with a rare and serious illness and now his family, friends and soccer club are asking for support.

Congreaves, co-captain of his U-14 Premier team and a staple of the FC America community, was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome during a 10-day stay at a local hospital. FC America and Florida Premier Soccer have set up a website to support the Congreaves family as all donations will go toward medical bills and Randall’s recovery. For updates on Randall’s condition and to make a donation, please visit
The id2 Program Training Camp in Connecticut was Congreaves’ second since the start of 2012 as he was also a standout center back at his first id2 Program Training Camp in North Carolina at the beginning of the year. Congreaves was one of two players representing the Florida Premier League’s FC America in Connecticut as Asyed Sanchez competed alongside Congreaves during the four-day camp. Congreaves and Sanchez were two of many players from the NPL to take part in the camp in Connecticut.