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Player Health & Safety:

US Club Soccer considers Player Health & Safety to be its "first and foremost responsibility," as CEO Kevin Payne has written in multiple open letters to US Club Soccer members and the public.

As part of Players First, US Club Soccer has implemented major Player Health & Safety initiatives: best-in-class background screening, Sideline Sports Doc online injury recognition training and SafeSport online training. You're encouraged to review US Club Soccer's "Risk Management and Player Health & Safety" web page for more important information and resources

For More Information:

Central States NPL administrator: Chris McGill at centralstatesnpl@usclubsoccer.org

NPL General Manager: Leo Garcia at lgarcia@usclubsoccer.org

US Club Soccer membership services representative: Todd Bailey at tbailey@usclubsoccer.org

US Club Soccer administrator: Rachel Burroughs at AdminRegionB@usclubsoccer.org