United Soccer Clubs continues ascension in US Club Soccer programming, becomes latest ENPL qualifier from NPL

CHARLESTON, S.C. (Jan. 9, 2017) - As the list of qualifying NPLs to the Elite National Premier League (ENPL) continues to grow, there’s a common denominator: these NPLs are proven. They’re perennial contenders at the NPL Finals. They’re steadfast supporters of long-time US Club Soccer programming, like id², Player Development Programs and National Cup. And they’re quick to take advantage of new opportunities, like Players First and LaLiga Formation Methodology.

Those NPL qualifiers to the ENPL: Elite Development Program, Midwest Developmental League, New England Premiership, New York Club Soccer League, Northern Illinois Soccer League and Virginia NPL have now welcomed United Soccer Clubs (USC) to a heralded place in youth soccer.

While USC is the youngest established entity of the six previously announced NPL qualifiers, make no mistake: the league is proven. USC launched in Fall 2015 at the direction of motivated Directors of Coaching from 15 clubs in south Texas. And motivated they were.

Since then, USC has made an impact in the NPL with the USC Champions League, hosted the first-ever LaLiga Formation Methodology course, expanded its West Division substantially and placed numerous players in id² and PDPs. Now, the league is made up of twenty-seven clubs from the Houston, Austin and San Antonio metro areas.

“United Soccer Clubs is incredibly excited about the ENPL and the platform it will provide our top boys teams,” said Pat O’Toole, USC President. “The ECNL and US Club Soccer are the top brands in the game with a proven track record of providing incredible programing for their members. The ENPL will provide the top boys teams in the USC the opportunity to compete against the top boys teams and clubs in the country. It should also give players additional opportunities to gain valuable exposure to college coaches. 2017 will be an exciting time for our league.”

Qualifying 14-U to 19-U boys teams from USC will advance to the ENPL Playoffs in June 2018. These teams will earn qualification to the ENPL Playoffs based on their performances throughout the regular season in their respective competitions.

By providing qualification paths for both team-based and club-based competitions, the ENPL will feature the best boys players in US Club Soccer. The regular season competition within each NPL and Boys ECNL Conference are unique and independently structured; however, consistent technical and competitive standards will apply, and all teams will be focusing on the same postseason destination: the ENPL Playoffs.

Quotes from participating clubs:

  • Nick Hallam, Lonestar SC San Antonio Director of Coaching: “We are delighted to see USC included as one of the chosen leagues in the ENPL pyramid. Our boys involved in this competition can continue to strive towards national level play at the NPL Finals. Our ‘01B Red SA had a fantastic experience last summer participating at the NPL Finals as USC Champions League champions, and we are hopeful future teams will earn this experience through their performances on the field in the ENPL pyramid to continue their development by challenging themselves at the national level.”
  • Oliver Finidori, Dynamos SC Director of Training: “We look forward to seeing the new ENPL come into place. We see it as a great opportunity for each and every NPL clubs, teams to reach the highest levels of competition. As the USC continues to grow, it will make it even more appealing for new clubs to take part, as we will now have an additional pathway to reach regional and national levels of competition. We are truly pleased with the format for qualification, as well, as any NPL team will have a legitimate shot at qualifying in the ENPL, based on merit. We believe this is a great step for US Club Soccer to provide an even heightened level of competition for all of its members.”


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